LigerBots go to Cabot Elementary School
March 29, 2024
Kids loading up the robot!

We can build robots, program them, and entertain kids! Cabot Invention Invasion is Cabot’s annual science fair where the students K-5 display projects demonstrating their curiosity. On March 26, LigerBots members volunteered to entertain children at the Cabot Elementary School science fair!

Team member entertaining children with steam expo activities!

During this event, students spent 2 hours engaging children with our past competition robot capable of shooting out balls! We hosted various STEAM expo activities consisting of binary beads, origami, and skeleton hands!

Team member assists child with catching!

We invited participants, who may have missed their opportunity to display at this event, to enter the science fair that LigerBots will be hosting, on May 19th. We also introduce families to FLL(FIRST Lego League) which offers several programs for that age group. Most of all, we hope we’ve sparked their interest in robotics, so they’ll join us in the future!

Competing at the Greater Boston Qualifier
March 28, 2024
LigerBots performing the macarena!

The LigerBots are back at it again! Our team had an outstanding performance at the Greater Boston Qualifier hosted at Revere High school, March 23-24.

LigerBots posing while holding the winning FIRST impact award!

LigerBots has won the FIRST impact award, the most prestigious award in FIRST! Because we won this award, we were invited to compete in the upcoming New England District Championship.

“Part of the reason why we won was because of the unique story we had, especially because of our circumstances this build season.” said FIRST impact team member Felicia J, “Another reason why we won is because of the efforts that all the members of our first impact team went through, going to meetings 6 days a week”.

FIRST impact team posing with our award.!

We wouldn’t have won this award without our FIRST impact award team, who presented to judges about what the LigerBots does, how we impact the community and spread FIRST values.

Drive team member throwing a note, this year’s game piece, to obtain more points.

We performed well in the competition, and are currently in 20th place out of 185 teams in New England.

“This competition taught us a lot, we saw massive improvements on our consistency. We have identified some weak spots that we can work on. This competition has left a certain spot in my heart!” said drive team member Emily P.

Showing some love and support to our robot, Calliope!

Next week starts the New England District Championship, April 4-6, which we are able to attend due to us qualifying for the Engineering Inspiration and FIRST impact award!


Greater Boston District Event, here we come!
March 21, 2024
2877 robot locking the chains for points!

Boston, prepare yourself for the LigerBots! We have just spent the past two weeks repairing and rebuilding Calliope, our robot, to face the strong opponents waiting for us at Revere this weekend from March 23-24.

First impact team rehearsing for the competition! 
First impact team posing for the picture!

Once again, we will be showcasing the impact our team has brought to our community beyond our robot as well as joining in the excitement on the field!

Like us on facebook or follow us on instagram! We will be posting the link to the live feed for at home viewing. Click this link to see all the teams competing against us!

It’s a full contact sport, thank goodness for bumpers!

“Since the last competition we have looked at what damage was done and made improvements to the robot’s durability, strength and reliability” said team member Elliot S.

Robot shooting the music disc!

Here’s to another outstanding performance and rocking out this competition!

Be Our Champion!
March 15, 2024

We are going to the Championships!  FIRST robotics conducts their annual international championship in Houston, Texas.  Last year, more than 18,000 students, representing 974 robotics teams from 59 countries came together to compete, innovate and connect. This year, we’re going!  However, that means more fees and expenses. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate! And cheer us on when we go to Worlds Apr 3-Apr 6. You would be our Champion!

Help us attend Worlds!
LigerBots team holding the awards

With the team win pictured above, we will be competing for the Engineering Inspiration Award at District Championships April 3-6! Then it will be Houston or bust! The Annual FIRST world championships is hosted in Houston and we’re going to compete with the best FRC teams from around the world. We need to raise funds for registration and transportation.  Become a Sponsor (

Calliope in action during the competition

Thank you in advance for your support! Any amount would help get students closer to Houston! The LigerBots thank you, Calliope thanks you and Thaddeus thanks you.