2018-2019 Permission Forms

All students need to fill out these forms:
    2018-19 Team Participation Forms
    2018-19 Event Attendance Forms (updated)

    Supplemental Event Forms

Parents and mentors need to fill out these forms so that they can attend events and drive carpools. CORI/SORI forms should be handed in to the school office in person; remember to bring your ID.
    Parent/Mentor Forms
    Driver Consent Form

Sponsor Resources

What you get when you sponsor us: 2018-19 Supporter Benefits Flyer
General information about the LigerBots: 2018-19 Outreach Flyer
Fun facts about the team and our budget: LigerBots Infographic
Information about the team: LigerBots Chairman's Booklet 2019
Using our logos: LigerBots Branding Standards
LigerBots Logo Collection: LigerBots Logos

Educational Resources

STEM activity and information flyer: 3D Printing
STEM activity and information flyer: BrushBots
STEM activity and information flyer: Slime
STEM activity and information flyer: Paper Airplanes
STEM activity and information flyer: Binary Beads


Vision Processing: LigerBots Vision Whitepaper
Camera Latency: LigerBots Camera Latency Whitepaper
Electrical Test Bench: LigerBots Electric Testbench Whitepaper

Parents' Meeting Presentation

The presentation from the 2018 Parents' Meeting can be seen here.

Team Registration

All students who wish to join the team need to sign up on this website. Parents of team members are also strongly encouraged to sign up so that they can be kept informed on what is happening. You can register here:
    Website Registration

FIRST Student Signup

Students will need to signup on the FIRST site. Parents will also need to create an account to consent to their child's team membership.
    FIRST Registration
You can find a very detailed walk-through of registration in this presentation produced by the Team 1836 The MilkenKnights:
Of course, don't email The MilkenKnights if you have trouble, ask on Slack or during a meeting.

LigerBots Google Drive

For team members only.

The top level folder for the LigerBots Google Drive can be found here:
Note: Please use the "Add to My Drive" option so you can access the folder from your own Drive.

Also, please use the email address registered on the website to access the team's Google Drive. That account is automatically given permission to access the Drive. Note that Newton Public Schools student accounts cannot access our Drive; that is a restriction of the NPS accounts.

LigerBots Slack Messaging App

For team members only: