Innovation Challenge
February 14, 2021

The LigerBots, a robotics team based in Newton, Massachusetts, is part of FIRST, an organization that encourages young people to use science and technology to create a better future. 


Due to Covid-19, FIRST recognizes that not all teams will be able to compete in the robotics competition, so they have created three at-home challenges that teams can participate in. The challenges are the Game Design Challenge, INFINITE RECHARGE at Home, and the FIRST Innovation Challenge.


Our FIRST Innovation Challenge team has chosen to address the challenges people in the hard of hearing community might face while participating in team sports. Currently, they are in the market research stage of the project, and are hoping for anyone who is in the HoH community or works with the community to give them some insight. 


If anyone is in the HoH community or knows anyone who is, please help us by filling out this anonymous survey and sending it to others who can give insight into the community.