cAMP wrapped up Session 3 — hear what our students made!
August 16, 2020

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This week the LigerBots wrapped up the third session of cAMP and we’ve been amazed at the amount of enthusiasm and support for this program. Teachers and students alike have been having so much fun learning and gaining new skills.

Each of our two-week sessions ends with a showcase in which the students show off something that they accomplished. On Friday we saw cool CAD creations of a living room, dream house bedroom, and a library! From the music class, we listened to songs authored by students in under six hours that sound crazy professional as well! One student even showed off a drawing of a well constructed Aquaponics system.

In addition to learning, some students have used the time to continue seeing their friends and meet new people with similar interests. This summer we’ll reach around 200 students from Newton and Lexington, Needham, Boston, Brookline, to even kids outside of Massachusetts coming from states like New Jersey and Ohio.

Our teen counselors gain the experience of teaching and interacting with younger students while building their resumé and having fun! We couldn’t do this without them. Providing a way for them to teach topics they were passionate about to so many different grade levels not only benefited the students but helped them learn through teaching. Our camp is taught by almost 100 counselors that are not only from Newton, but other cities including Andover, Cambridge, Brookline, and many more.

As we enter our fourth session of cAMP, we hope to continue our mission of motivating kids to continue being learners.