Send Your Kids to Virtual cAMP!
June 5, 2020

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For parents who need a summer camp this summer for their kids (for a couple hours of much needed and well deserved break) the LigerBots Awesome Mentorship Project (AMP) is launching a virtual day camp. This will take place online, likely over Discord, on weekdays from 9:00-12:30. Each session is two weeks long, and the dates are as follows:
July 6 – 17
July 20 – 31
August 3 – 14
August 17 – 28

The commitment for mentors who want to be teachers is three hours per week for two weeks, totaling to roughly six hours, plus necessary training.

Links to sign up:
Mentors interested in being teachers:

The deadline to sign up for session 1 is July 15 for teachers, and the deadline for parents and teachers for sessions 2-4 is July 22.

This is an example of a day at our camp.  Classes will be  based on grade level, so material will be appropriate as well as fun and engaging!