LigerBots Are Big Winners at Revere Competition!
April 10, 2018

The LigerBots had a great weekend at the FIRST Robotics Greater Boston Event at Revere High School where we ranked sixth in regular competition play and advanced to the finals as part of the second alliance, captained by Fusion (team 6763). We were eliminated in the final match by the first alliance, led by team 125, the Nutrons. A lovely twist of fate brought the Gryphons (team 5347) onto our alliance during the finals, after the Firebirds (team 1965), became disabled and were unable to continue play. By coincidence, our team members had helped to repair the intake on the Gryphons’ robot during qualifying matches the previous day, so they were able to continue competing. 

Chronos pushes a Power Cube into the Exchange
The LigerBots drive team in our pit with Chronos

In addition to our success on the playing field we also took home the event’s Engineering Inspiration Award and CMO Doug moved forward as a semi-finalist for the Dean’s List Award.

The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school or organization and community. The judges were very complimentary about us, saying, “[The LigerBots exemplify] coopertition. With 30 outreach events this year alone, this team sets the standard for not only getting STEM into their local community, but worldwide. From science fairs to 3D printing, fixing school equipment to creating their own internal grant system, this team is truly an inspiration. On top of all that, this team taught us all how to be safe this year with their award-winning animation video.” We will be eligible to compete for this award at the next level April 13-14 at the New England District Championship at Boston University.

The LigerBots are congratulated by FIRST judges for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Greater Boston Event

In addition to the team-wide awards, Newton North sophomore and LigerBots CMO Douglas was named a Dean’s List Award semi-finalist. The Dean’s List Award celebrates outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary. Doug, and Coach Igor, who was advanced as a Woodie Flowers semi-finalist at the North Shore Event, are eligible to be finalists in their award categories at the District Championship.

Doug is congratulated by the FIRST judges for being a Dean’s List Award semi-finalist

We had special guests with us in the stands during the tournament–representatives of an ed-tech startup in China who are looking at FIRST as a model for bringing project-based learning concepts to Shanghai. Our team members who were fluent in Mandarin conversed with our guests and explained the game to them.

LigerBot Jiaming (front) explains the Power Up game to our guests from Shanghai

As soon as the Greater Boston competition was over, members of the LigerBots Chairman’s Award group visited the Day Dragons, a Newton FIRST LEGO League team we have been mentoring, which is based at Day Middle School. Our team members acted as guest judges, listening and giving advice to the Day Dragons as they practiced their presentation for the upcoming FLL World Championship in Detroit. It was a great bonding experience for us all, and the Day Dragons even asked for the LigerBots’ autographs!

LigerBots Lauren, Doug and AJ guest judge the Day Dragons FLL robot design

The LigerBots qualify for the New England District Championships at Boston University next weekend by virtue of our robot’s success on the Power Up playing field and our garnering of the Engineering Inspiration, Finalist and Imagery awards at district-level events.

The New England District Championship, like all FRC events, is free and open to the public and will be live streamed on The Blue Alliance. All LigerBots supporters are invited to sit and cheer with the team in the stands and be escorted by a LigerBot on a “pit tour” of all the competing FRC robots.

If all goes well at the District Championship the team will qualify for the FRC World Championship in Detroit, on April 25-28, and will immediately need to raise the $5,000 competition fee and significant dollars for travel expenses. The LigerBots raise all of their own funds from corporate sponsors and individual donors. If you’d like to help the team, you can donate via Paypal, or visit the sponsor page of our website, at, which also contains information about donating via check.