LigerBots Host FLL Eastern Mass. Championship and STEAM Expo
January 11, 2024

On December 16th, The LigerBots hosted the FIRST Lego League (FLL) Eastern Massachusetts State Championships, a competition using Lego robots built by students from grade 4-8 passionate about robotics, at Newton North High School. Alongside the championship, the LigerBots also hosted a public STEAM Expo that brought together 48 teams and around 1000 people attended, the event also included the STEAM Expo where many STEAM activities were conducted to educate and immerse children in STEAM.

Team member Shun and Felicia doing STEAM activities at the event’s STEAM Expo
The Rebooters focused on preparing their robot for the round.

The FLL Championship was a competition as well as a public event, inviting politicians such as Congressman Jake Auchincloss. Many children along with their parents as well as the FLL teams were able to enjoy both the FLL competition and STEAM Expo.

Congressman Jake Auchincloss entertaining kids with the robot.

“The kids loved the expo, especially the slime.” said Timothy, student manager of the STEAM Expo.

FLL Teams dancing at the dance party.

Many first years on the team experienced teaching younger kids in the form of running STEAM activities all throughout the event.

“It was really exciting to see the look on the children’s faces when they begin to see the correlation between the activity and STEAM.” said Andrew, first year member on LigerBots.

In the competition gym, there was an exciting atmosphere as the teams focused on their matches. There was a lot of gracious professionalism and coordination shown.

“While I was MCing I was noticing how coordinated all the teams were and the gracious professionalism and communication the kids had with each other. I believe all awards given were definitely deserved.” said Davis, former CMO of LigerBots.

We congratulate the Goofy Gyros especially as they move on to the World FLL Championships after they won both the FLL qualifier and championship we hosted.

FLL Team Goofy Gyros holding their awards.

LigerBots congratulates all the teams who made it to nationals and a big thank you to all the teams who attended!