Competition Season Recap!
June 2, 2022

For the past few months, the LigerBots have been hard at work, using all of the engineering skills we’ve learned this year to create an absolutely incredible robot. The team has had the opportunity to communicate, cooperate, and create a project that we are all extremely proud of. Thank you to everyone involved and showing support! We are honored and greatly appreciate everyone for showing LigerBots spirit!

Our first competition, at the North Shore event in Reading, was phenomenal! We stood in third place at the end of the qualifying matches and earned a place as captain of the second seeded alliance. We made it all the way to the semi-finals! Along with our impressive finish, we won the FIRST Robotics Gracious Professionalism award for our cooperation, fairness, humility, positivity, and respect on and off the field of play.

LigerBots’ competition robot repair pit with sponsor banner and robot.
Our 2022 robot, Prometheus, climbing up a rung in the “Hangar” field element for an extra ranking point during the final phase of a match.
At the Greater Boston Competition, the LigerBots earned a place in the New England district championship! We were drafted into the fourth seeded alliance and made it to the semi-finals again. To top it all off, we were also awarded with the Engineering Inspiration Award, for giving back to our community through our incredible rookie training and our STEAM outreach programs (thanks to our marketing and graphics groups)!
Fixing the robot in the LigerBots repair pit.
Putting the bumpers back on the robot after quick-changing the fabric to match the color of the alliance in our next match.
LigerBots cheer on the team during a match.
Our drive team showing off the 2022 Engineering Inspiration Award at the Greater Boston competition.
Finally, at the New England District Championship, in Springfield, Massachusetts, the LigerBots earned our place as captain of the eighth seeded alliance, making it to semi-finals. Our strategy group brainstormed and crafted the best combination of robots for our alliance of three teams. Overall, the team placed 28th out of 160 teams in New England: a fantastic result!
The playing field at the New England District Championship.
LigerBots drive team in action.
The LigerBots 2022 robot, Prometheus, scores  “Cargo” into the “Hub” field element.
LigerBots outside of DCMP venue in Springfield.
Throughout the season, the team grew together, learned, and contributed to our success by applying our many, varied skills, including mechanical engineering, programming, strategy analysis, marketing,  graphic design, and event planning. The LigerBots family is truly grateful for your help, and we hope to see you again next year for another spectacular season!