Keeping Busy During The Summer!
August 12, 2021


The LigerBots have been keeping busy during the 2021 off-season! The team is working on a number of projects, and we have participated in multiple events in the past few weeks.


On July 27th, two LigerBots representatives toured the facilities of a local robotics company called Barrett Technology with their CEO, Bill Townsend. The company creates advanced robotic instruments like BURT, a machine which aids patients who are recovering from brain damage.


On August 1st, the LigerBots participated in an off-season competition called BattleCry at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The team worked really hard to get our robot competition ready, and we were extremely happy with how it performed. Our alliance placed third out of six alliances, while our team placed eighth out of twenty-four individual teams.


During the summer, the LigerBots have been assembling and beta testing a differential swerve drive—a new type of drivetrain that can strafe left and right and move forward extremely quickly. It combines the maneuverability of a normal swerve drive with enhanced acceleration and increased torque.


Another project the team has been working on is redesigning our website. The graphics group has been hard at work reorganizing the website’s many pages, along with creating new pages and designs. The team can’t wait to see how the new website will look.


We’re all looking forward to the beginning of the preseason in September, and we can’t wait to see what the year will bring!