Into the Spring We Go!
March 16, 2021

It’s the midst of another intense competition season! Over the past month, the LigerBots have been hard at work, discussing ideas, finishing up submissions, and practicing for interviews!

The team working on Infinite Challenge at Home have had regular in-person meetings in the school to modify and upgrade the robot, as well taken videos of their challenge submissions. They have also made a slideshow for a presentation of the process of making the robot, from prototyping to the various elements of the robot. As interviews for all groups will be held in March, they have been preparing well for their speech.

The Game Design Challenge Team, tasked with designing a new FIRST game, have devised a train-based game, called Locomotive Linkage and complete with manual and field elements, for submission. The graphics team aided in the creation of visuals for field elements and the logo. Currently, they are rehearsing their script and finalizing their presentation. 

Over at the Innovation Challenge, where teams come up with a solution to encourage individuals to obtain more physical activity, the team has decided to build hardware to facilitate better communication between deaf players and referees. Two versions of the prototype are in development. The team has submitted the executive summary and is editing their business pitch and technical presentation. 

The Chairman’s team, working on the most prestigious award that FIRST can give, has submitted both the executive summary and the essay, and is drafting a presentation based around our outreach during the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, we kicked off a new session of our mentorship program, AMP Spring 2021.  The marketing team has made progress on planning a Scratch hackathon (a coding competition to code the best project in a day) for children grade 4-8. 

As always, there is so much going on within our team, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. Stay tuned for more!