3 weeks until Competition!
February 9, 2020


There is a lot of exciting stuff coming up for the LigerBots!

The manufacturing team has started building parts for our final robot and is continuing to work on prototypes for our mechanisms. In addition, we have been preparing for the three outreach events which we had over the weekend.


Our electrical team has begun work on prototyping our electrical board. As they create a CAD of the board, they work out how to make sure our design can run our many systems within the confines of the robot.


Our CAD team is starting to finalize the designs for our carousel and send them to our manufacturing team. Once the manufacturing team has received the designs they can begin the manufacturing process so we can begin the assembly of the carousel


The first version of our shooter has been completed and is now being put through the testing process. During this time we will be testing the shooter’s speed and accuracy to find out what changes need to be made for us to improve the shooter.


The manufacturing team has been making parts for our robot’s superstructure, what will hold our shooter, and has finished the construction of our chassis, which will serve as the base foundation for our drive train as well as the rest of our robot.


This weekend,  we attended three outreach events where we continued our mission to further engage with the public about STEM through presentations and demonstrations. On Saturday, there was the Hackathon at MIT which was an educational event at MIT that invited High School students to learn more about computer science. At the same time at Newton North High School, we participated in their first Puzzleday where we talked about the problem solving skills we use on the team, particularly in our Strategy Council. Finally on Sunday, we went to Bowen elementary school for their science fair and showed off our robot and invited the students for some hands on chemistry by making Slime.

We’ve made considerable progress! Construction on the chassis is about wrapped up and we continue to work towards the final versions of our various mechanisms. A lot of outreach events and other developments are right around the corner. We hope you’ll stick around to see them through!  Our first competition will be coming up soon!