Saturday Jan. 5th is FIRST Competition Kickoff – Watch on TwitchTV
January 5, 2019

Many team members are headed to Manchester, NH to participate live in the game kickoff. You can watch the show and see the videos from anywhere. The TwitchTV Broadcast begins at 10:30 am ET (preshow at 10:00 am) and can be found here. (Usually it is posted to watch later also). This page on the FIRST website has other links to get the season started. Once the game has been “revealed,” short videos about the game and different components should be available (often findable on YouTube) and the game manual will be “unlocked.” In addition, you can begin to access interpretations of the game as FIRST answers questions and groups like “Robot in 3 Days” try their hand at the rules. Many discussions on Chief Delphi will begin. The LigerBots kick off the season – after the game reveal – with our 3 Day Design Group process.