LigerBots Preseason Begins!
September 14, 2018

School has begun, and the LigerBots have dived right into STEM outreach, member recruitment and preseason training. Ramping up our task planning during the summer months has given us a big head start on our fall.

Team veteran Ethan helps new LigerBots take apart the 2014 robot

During the first two weeks of the preseason returning LigerBots have shown our many new new recruits around the Newton South workshop and have helped them take apart the 2014 robot to teach them the basics of assembly and disassembly. We also start every year with a seminar on shop safety and use of our power tools.

Our team execs show a robot game video to new LigerBots
Coach Igor gives his talk on shop safety to new LigerBots

We have a new game strategy council which has begun discussing which FIRST competitions to enter in the spring, how to incorporate game strategy earlier and more thoroughly into our robot design, and how to improve our system of collecting performance data on other teams.

The strategy council meets

Our team STEM outreach is already underway.  We will be at the Newton Free Library’s STEAM Expo on Saturday, Sept. 15, at RoboExpo in Nashua NH on Sept. 22, and at Newtonville Village Day on the afternoon of Sept. 23. Our team members have already put in lots of time to get ready for these events. And, all hands will be on deck on Monday, Sept. 17, when we will have an exciting open house with many activities for prospective team members. Please join us at these events!