LigerBots Working on Improvements to Chronos
March 29, 2018

Coming out of our North Shore District event the LigerBots finished in the top ten, and participated in the quarterfinal matches. We have spent the last two weeks revamping our strategy and robot, so next time we hope to be number one!

The first change we are working on is adding climbing ramps! In the end stage of the match, alliances are given a chance to earn extra points by lifting robots at least a foot into the air. A newly-formed ramps group has been prototyping and testing various strategies all week. Now that we have a design, the group is fabricating the final products. Soon we will attach the ramps and do some field tests to get them competition ready!

Asa and Ethan work on ramps for Chronos while Vivek looks on
Spencer cuts a piece for our ramps on the LigerBots’ 3D printed CNC router

In order to guarantee a top tier spot in competition, the team is also working on improvements to our autonomous mode. For the first fifteen seconds of a match, all the robots run automatically, and we want to be able to maximize those seconds to earn as many points as possible. Our programming group has been tweaking and testing new code for Chronos.

We also are improving our public speaking skills. Our Chairman’s Award group continues to practice its presentation for judges, and all team members are practicing how to answer technical questions about Chronos for judges and the public.

Our next competition is April 7 and 8 at Revere High School. Please join us in the arena to cheer on the LigerBots, or watch us compete live on  Twitch.