LigerBots Intensify Hands-on Tech Training
December 3, 2017

The LigerBots have had a busy week of technical training and preparation for the Eastern MA FLL State Championship, which we are hosting on Dec. 16 at Newton North High School.

Some LigerBots have recently learned to operate a computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill machine, which will allow the team to create more accurate parts that have curves. Our  improved quality of machining has given us the skill to make custom gearboxes.

The team has been focusing on mastering the ability to move a robot forward on the playing field no matter which way it’s facing (called field-centric control.)  We’ve also been able to test our first H-drive chassis, and have learned that we need better side-to-side mobility in our next design.

Team members have been presenting designs for a hypothetical robot game as practice for this coming build-season, and we have been training new team members to drive past years’ robots.

Mark gets the 2016 robot ready for new team members to use for driving practice
Maggie works on her strategy for the hypothetical robot game

Some of our team members continue to build an electrical test bench that will allow us to check the function of electrical components of our robot, such as motors, sensors, and vision boards, before we use them.

Samy leads a group including Alex, Jordan, and Brad in building an electrical test bench

In addition to all of this technical work, the LigerBots have been diligently preparing for the upcoming Eastern MA FLL State Championship, a FIRST LEGO League tournament the LigerBots will host at Newton North High School on December 16 from 9-3. Accompanying the competition will be a maker fair with hands-on activities for the entire family.  The event is free and open to the public.