LigerBots Compete in Bay State Brawl
October 23, 2017

Last Saturday the LigerBots competed in the Bay State Brawl, an off-season event where FIRST teams can play the previous year’s game. Every team member — rookie or veteran — got a chance to drive the robot. These off-season events teach team members many things, such as time management and improvisational skills, since we often have as little as two and a half minutes to repair any damage to the bot using materials that are often not ideal. We were selected by the 3rd seed team and we got the high score of the day, although sadly, we weren’t able to win the competition. We were also given the Robo-Ohana Award, which is given to the team that works together the best and makes all the team members feel accepted and included. It was truly an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Investigating a pneumatic leak
Unhooking the LigerBots robot from the “airship” after a match, after climbing a rope for extra points
Repairing robot code on the fly between matches