LigerBots Prepare for BattleCry
May 7, 2017

BattleCry is coming up quickly, and the LigerBots are hard at work in the shop, improving our robot. We have begun meeting more frequently in the postseason to make our robot as fit as possible for this offseason competition. Our main focus is fine-tuning the robot’s gear-placing mechanism to make it more effective. We have moved the whole mechanism almost five inches lower, and we are also testing out different ways to hold the gear in. To prevent the gear from catching on the front plate while being placed we’ve created a design involving two pistons that hold the gear in place, then open up when the gear is ready to be placed on the peg.

LigerBot works on gear mechanism improvements to the 2017 robot

BattleCry will take place at Worcester polytechnic Institute on Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21. Admission is free for spectators, and a webcast will be available on the BattleCry website.

The team has selected members to hold executive positions for the next year. Ian is our new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Cameron is our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Douglas is our new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

2017/18 LigerBots CTO Cameron

2017/18 LigerBots CMO Douglas

2017/18 LigerBots COO Ian