Ligerbots going to FRC Championship! We need your support!

The Ligerbots are going to the FIRST FRC Championship in St. Louis next week, and we need your help.

Travel and lodging for the students, coaches, mentors, and chaperones will cost close to $30,000, and there’s a $5,000 registration fee. The team has already secured new grants from NDEP, PTC, Textron, FedEx, and Newton Public Schools, but they’re still significantly short. Ligerbots’ families are ready to pay substantial amounts to make this happen, but not everyone can afford it.

We want anyone who wants to come to be able to partake in this wonderful celebration of STEM education.

Please consider supporting the Ligerbots with a donation. Any amount would help defray the cost and allow us to send more of these hard working kids to a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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BU New England Championship

Last weekend, the 10-12th, we competed in the New England Regional Championships at Boston University. Due to our very strong performances at the District events, we were ranked 26th at the end of the competition. We have been invited to attend the FRC World Championships in St Louis next week. We will be holding a team meeting to decide tonight.

Below is a playlist of our qualification matches:

~Sophia Tepermeister

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Northeastern Qualifier

Last week, we attended our second qualifying event at Northeastern University. We made it past the qualifying rounds in fourth place, and were bumped up to the third alliance after The Nutrons(125) picked the Windham Windup (3467). We breezed through the Quarter-finals with our alliance partners HYPER (69) and River’s Edge Robotics (3499), but ended up replaying our semifinals matches a couple of times due to field malfunctions. Finally, we made it to the finals, and were defeated by the number 1 seed.

We also won the team spirit award for our insanely energetic liger mascots.

~Max Tepermeister

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WPI District Qualifier ends in a win

Last Thursday and Friday we competed at the WPI District Qualifier. We made it past the qualifying rounds in 16′th place, and were chosen by the 6′th alliance to compete in the elimination rounds. With our alliance partners team 4473: Delta Prime, and team 190: Gompei and The H.E.R.D., we claimed victory. Below is a playlist of the elimination rounds.

Our team won  the Xerox Creativity Design Award for our sideways piston operated catapult.

Despite our recent victory at WPI we continue preparations for our second Regional Qualifier at Northeastern.

~Ilias Vamvakas

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