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FLL STEM Literature Month
Posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 at 10:26 PM by Ilias

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is becoming increasingly important in society. Every aspect of our lives is touched by it to some extent, even the most mundane tasks. From the coffee we buy in the morning to the smartphone that receives the snapchat of that coffee, STEM is intimately involved in everything we do. Like many of the important things in life, we tend to take it for granted, benefiting from its presence without showing gratitude. One of the main goals of both FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and the LigerBots is to spread appreciation of STEM in the community.

    The purpose of this writing contest for FLL students is just that: Appreciating STEM in our own communities by recognising local Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics companies and ventures. The goal of this activity is to share what is happening that is new and exciting in STEM locally. Because there is so much happening, we have taken the whole month of February to celebrate STEM, declaring it STEM Literature Month. Each week of February will be dedicated to the four parts of STEM: Science week - February 1st -  7th ; Technology Week - February 8th - 14th ; Engineering Week - February 15th - 21st ; Mathematics Week - February 22nd - 28th. During each of these weeks FLL students will be asked to submit a short essay, no longer than a page, to the LigerBots describing how a local venture or company embodies the aspect of STEM being celebrated that week. Each week, the essay that best represents that week’s aspect of STEM will be posted on the LigerBots website and the author of the essay will receive a prize.

    Essays must be submitted by 3 pm EST on the Sunday of each week. Essays must be no shorter than half a page and no longer than one page.They must focus on one local company or venture and how it represents new and exciting things going on in our community. Writing must be the student’s own work! Submissions must be complete with student name and FLL affiliation. FIRST is about spreading STEM, but it is also about fun - learn a lot, have fun, and we look forwards to reading your submissions!

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]


Shark Ninja!
Posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 at 05:11 PM by Ian

Shark Ninja Mentoring This year, we have the benefit of adding a sponsor, starting what we hope to be the first of many build seasons together.  Shark Ninja has an office here in Newton and has offered the team support in a variety of ways not the least of which includes several employees joining us as mentors.  This is what one student had to say:


"Shark Ninja has recently sponsored and mentored Ligerbots.  I have been lucky enough to work with some of the nice people from Shark Ninja. I have mainly worked with Justin, who has helped me out a lot. I am new to LigerBots and am not familiar with a lot of the tasks that I am asked to complete. Justin has gladly helped me out. It is really cool to learn what older people doing in the same field. I am very glad to have worked with Justin and the rest of the people at Shark Ninja. " - A Freshmen of the NNHS Class of 2019 


Build Season: Lots of Stuff Being Done
Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 04:07 PM by Ian

Wow! It it has been an amazing three weeks so far, we are past the halfway point of build season! The Awards group is working on two major projects. They have finished the short answer and are beginning their work on the essay for the Chairman's Award. In addition, we have been drafting the essay for the Woodie Flowers, which is an award for mentors who demonstrate the mission of FIRST. The business team finalized the shield and standard selections for the heraldry portion of this year's game, as well as continuing their work on writing thank you notes to our sponsors. The mechanical team has continued working towards the completion of the robot. The programming team worked on the vision tracking program while electrical finished hooking up the talons and the LEDs. Furthermore, we have gotten the CNC up and running, finalized the design, and begun cutting components for the shooter and almost finished the chassis. We also have cut the chassis pieces for the second robot. It has been wonderful three weeks so far and we are looking forward to the next three.

More Build Season News
Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 04:14 PM by Ian

The LigerBot's Build Season has been amazing so far! The awards group submitted the safety animation project this week in addition to continuing their work on the Chairman's Award. The business team wrote thank you notes to sponsors and donors. Finally, the mechanical team is putting the final touches on the design of the robot as well as prototyping and milling the parts and mechanisms on the robot.

Build Season: End of Week 1
Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 05:05 PM by Ian

CADding Session It has been just over a week into build season and the LigerBots have been doing a lot of amazing stuff. The Awards group is continuing their work on the Chairman's Award and Safety Animation. The Business team is preparing for the Just Think Expo and the Horace Mann Science Fair. The Mechanical team has been working hard on prototyping and finalizing a design for the robot.

This year, we tried a new brainstorming technique. We broke up into six teams and each team designed a robot individually. Then each group presented their designs and we took the best parts from each robot. This was a great success as it allowed everyone on our team to have a say in the design. Overall, we have had a great start to build season and we cannot wait to see our robot develop into its finished product.

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