Other Team Partners

A selection of some of the other FIRST teams we have made friends with, helped, or been helped by over the years:


Team 135, The Nutrons, is a team organized by Northeastern University, and includes members from four local high schools. Prior to our rookie year, they loaned us an old robot that we refit in time for the Beantown Blitz.

Cybergnomes (2013)

The Cybergnomes are a FRC team from Stayner, Ontario. In 2010, they gave us an award for “Best Mascot”. The LigerBots then hosted the team during the 2011, 2012, and 2013 competitions in Boston, and look forward to possible future training sessions together in Canada.

Rosie Robotics (839)

Rosie Robotics has helped the LigerBots (and countless other teams) many times. When we found that the motor that we used for our arm wasn’t allowed in LogoMotion, they gave us a legal motor, mounting hardware, and advice.

Team BETA (2836)

The LigerBots met Team BETA at the 2009 Hartford Regional. They were also rookies, and we arranged to have lunch with them during the regional.

RoboKnights (749)

Hurriquakes (2349)

The Hurriquakes are an FRC team with whom we have had a mutually beneficial partnership. In 2012, we worked together at the Boston regional and held several social gatherings with them and the BeaverBots.

BeaverBots (2888)

The BeaverBots are another FRC team whom we have held events and gone to the Boston regionals with, along with the Hurriquakes and the Cyber Gnomes.

LigerCubs (2437)

The FLL team The LigerCubs are coached by former LigerBots coach Deb Lund. After helping the LigerBots create many Newton FLL teams, she left the LigerBots to start her own FLL team. The LigerBots are proud to have inspired Coach Lund and her children.

LigerPandas (4377)

The LigerPandas are an FTC team created and sponsored by the LigerBots in 2011, 2012 and 2013. They are made up of Chinese foreign exchange students and a number of Ligerbot volunteers; this makes them the first FIRST team ever to be created for foreign exchange students.